Nick Statman Fails to pay High Court Order

A warning to all you suppliers and contractors out there when supplying ANY of Nick or Malcolm Statman companies – they can deny you ever supplied them or invoiced them – in fact, they make your invoices just disappear! How do …

Nick Statman and Malcolm Statman – guilty of false accounting ? Financial magicians ? Read more »

Gateway Homes - Whitehall Franchise Ltd

Rogue property buyers Gateway Homes UK Ltd filed year-ended 31st March 2014 reporting a 75% reduction in turnover from £8.7 million pounds in 2013 to £2.4 million pounds in 2014! #roguetraders #scams #ripoffbritain

Roost In Administration

Roost Letting Agents of Leeds recently went into Administration under the directorship and management of Ms Clare Jane Painter, of Gateway Homes UK Ltd, aka recently as Jane Wood of another failed business Prop Buy Ltd or  

Sell House Now aka Gateway Homes UK Ltd

Companies are easy come easy go for some people and to Mr Malcolm Statman and Mr Nick Statman this is certainly the case. Yesterday I wrote about Prop Buy Ltd going into liquidation hot on the heals of Whitehall Franchise … replaces …. out with the old and in with Read more »

Prop Buy Ltd In Liquidation aka

Seems like the rebranding of Gateway Homes UK Ltd into has been a hopelessly flawed exercise for Mr Nicholas Statman and Mr Adam Myers. Anyone know the record “Another one bites the dust” …. I wonder if it quotes …

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Gateway Homes - Whitehall Franchise Ltd

Yet more consumers telling their rip-off stories of being victims of Gateway Homes/Propertybuyer/Tom Craven/Speedy Properties/Whitehall Franchise Ltd/Prop Buy Ltd. It just seems Gateway Homes and Nick Statman just cannot get enough negative publicity recently. Not content with starring in BBC Inside …

Gateway Homes and Nick Statman star in BBC’s Rip Off Britain! Read more »

Gateway Homes - Whitehall Franchise Ltd

It appears I have upset the Joint Liquidators much as I upset Mr Nick Statman and Mr Malcolm Statman by asking too many awkward questions …. see email correspondence below. I don’t see any of my previous email as anything …

Whitehall Franchise Limited formerly trading as Gateway Homes Nationwide Franchise Limited – In Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation (”the Company”) [A-W.FID5450463] Read more »

BetterMove - Whitehall Franchise Ltd

I recently informed Scott Shaw of Armstrong Watson, the appointed liquidators of Whitehall Franchise Ltd by email of my status as a creditor of the company and also the status of on-going litigation.

Nick Statman Fails to pay High Court Order

Why are none of the creditors of any of the Statmans companies surprised that not only do they ignore a High Court Order to pay monies owed, they also completely ignore their OWN proposals for repayment … I await the …

No intention to abide by Court Application – why is noone surprised? Read more »

The Royal Courts of Justice London

The Statman Empire has no cash to pay its debts …. so says Ms Clare Painter – Gateway Group Manager. I think a lot of creditors will vouch for that as most have been waiting an awful long time for payment! …

Nick and Malcolm Statman have no cash …. apply to High Court for payment schedule! Read more »