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Sally Anne Brown (Humphrys) declined to appear as High Court Witness …. surprise surprise …. not!

Sally Anne Brown Haddenham

Mrs Sally Anne Brown (Humphrys) of Haddenham, Ely, Cambridgeshire declined to appear in Court having provided last-minute written Hearsay Evidence for High Court Claim 3BM90158 for Mr Nick Statman and Mr Malcolm Statman on 7th March 2014. This evidence was

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Irony of the day – Statmans pay Emily Slater to “write” my blog posts ….

Nick Statman Nice Suit .... am sure you wore it to trial too ...

In a bizarre twist of fortune, Nick Statman and Malcolm Statman have paid over £100,000 in legal fees (and that is as of 6-9 months ago, fees must now be £150,000 plus!) to Cohen Cramer i.e. Emily Slater, and in

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Is smoking in confined spaces in front of children child abuse ?

My ex-wife of 14 years or so, Mrs Sally Anne Brown (Humphrys) of Haddenham, Cambridgeshire, has continually smoked in all that time in the presence of our children. In itself I do not have a problem with her smoking – if she

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