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Business failures coming home to Roost

Roost In Administration

Roost Letting Agents of Leeds recently went into Administration under the directorship and management of Ms Clare Jane Painter, of Gateway Homes UK Ltd, aka recently as Jane Wood of another failed business Prop Buy Ltd or propertybuyer.co.uk.  

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sellhousenow.co.uk replaces propertybuyer.co.uk …. out with the old and in with

Sell House Now aka Gateway Homes UK Ltd

Companies are easy come easy go for some people and to Mr Malcolm Statman and Mr Nick Statman this is certainly the case. Yesterday I wrote about Prop Buy Ltd going into liquidation hot on the heals of Whitehall Franchise

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Prop Buy Ltd in liquidation aka propertybuyer.co.uk

Prop Buy Ltd In Liquidation aka propertybuyer.co.uk

Seems like the rebranding of Gateway Homes UK Ltd into propertybuyer.co.uk has been a hopelessly flawed exercise for Mr Nicholas Statman and Mr Adam Myers. Anyone know the record “Another one bites the dust” …. I wonder if it quotes

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Gateway Homes and Nick Statman star in BBC’s Rip Off Britain!

Gateway Homes - Whitehall Franchise Ltd

Yet more consumers telling their rip-off stories of being victims of Gateway Homes/Propertybuyer/Tom Craven/Speedy Properties/Whitehall Franchise Ltd/Prop Buy Ltd. It just seems Gateway Homes and Nick Statman just cannot get enough negative publicity recently. Not content with starring in BBC Inside

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#GatewayHomes aka #Propertybuyer aka #TomCraven “They made me feel like I was worthless” BBC Inside Out

High Court Video Transcript Evidence against Gateway Homes UK Ltd and Gateway Homes Nationwide Franchise Ltd (3BM90159), Nick Statman and Malcolm Statman (3BM90158) Gateway Homes also operate as/have same directors & shareholders as Prop Buy Ltd aka http://www.propertybuyer.co.uk/ , Tom

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Civil Case 3BM90159 – Claimants Gateway Homes UK Ltd & GHNF Ltd – Chronology

This case was previously HQ12X0803 in the Royal Courts Of Justice, London – Queens Bench Division – 1st heard on 2nd March 2012. It was transferred to the Birmingham District Registry in February 2012 as case 3BM90159. A trial date has

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NEW Civil Trial Date – 1st April 2014 Birmingham District Registry #propertybuyer

A new trial date has been set in my double-header civil case versus the Claimants (1) Gateway Homes UK Ltd (2) Gateway Homes Nationwide Franchise Ltd and (1) Mr Malcolm Statman (2) Mr Nick Statman following a hearing before HH Judge

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