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Home of Dicey House Deals #propertybuyer – Daily Mirror 24th July 2014

Daily Mirror 24th July 2014 Property Buyer Rip Off

Andrew Penman has been at it again – writing up yet another unhappy customer of the Statman empire. My apologies Andrew I missed it on the day, but repeated here in all its glory. This is Prop Buy Ltd in

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High Court Orders Whitehall Franchise (& Others) To Pay £22,500 On Account Within 28 Days

BetterMove - Whitehall Franchise Ltd

HH Judge Robert Owen QC ordered on Wednesday 13th August 2014 that Whitehall Franchise UK Ltd (formerly known as Gateway Homes Nationwide Franchise Ltd), Gateway Homes UK Ltd, Nick Statman and Malcolm Statman have 28 days to pay me £22,500

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Clare Painter Gateway Homes General Manager now their legal representative!

Companies House Seek Gateway Homes to be wound up for non-compliance

I am responsible for dealing with legal matters within the business – Clare Painter, Gateway Group Manager …. Gateway Homes, Whitehall Franchise Ltd, BetterMove Franchise, BetterMove Online Estate Agents, PropertyBuyer.co.uk, Tom Craven Properties etc etc etc …. Obviously a newly

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Adam Myers Prop Buy Ltd #bmvproperty

Prop Buy Ltd Adam Myers Short Directorship

Adam Myers directorship of Prop Buy Ltd (Company No. 08280868) aka PropertyBuyer has to go down as one of the shortest directorships in history ! Maybe the guy is media shy ?

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Irony of the day – Statmans pay Emily Slater to “write” my blog posts ….

Nick Statman Nice Suit .... am sure you wore it to trial too ...

In a bizarre twist of fortune, Nick Statman and Malcolm Statman have paid over £100,000 in legal fees (and that is as of 6-9 months ago, fees must now be £150,000 plus!) to Cohen Cramer i.e. Emily Slater, and in

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Joke quote of the day from Emily Slater laughable affidavit number 3

Emily Slater Joke Quote Of The Day

After multiple affidavits and witness statements from Miss Emily Slater of Cohen Cramer Solicitors on behalf of Mr Nick Statman and Mr Malcolm Statman, I thought I’d start to share with you what a Leeds University Law Degree [think it

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#GatewayHomes aka #Propertybuyer aka #TomCraven “They made me feel like I was worthless” BBC Inside Out

High Court Video Transcript Evidence against Gateway Homes UK Ltd and Gateway Homes Nationwide Franchise Ltd (3BM90159), Nick Statman and Malcolm Statman (3BM90158) Gateway Homes also operate as/have same directors & shareholders as Prop Buy Ltd aka http://www.propertybuyer.co.uk/ , Tom

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BBC Inside Out North East – Gateway Homes & Tom Craven Property Expose

Watch the BBC Inside Out North East Investigation – Gateway Homes & Tom Craven Property first aired 5th November 2012

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Is BetterMove.co.uk related to PropertyBuyer.co.uk?

Now there is a question …. if they are related (and all the signs say they are), then they have other “siblings” in the stable – Gateway Homes, Gateway Homes Nationwide Franchise Ltd, Tom Craven Property Ltd and Speedy Properties

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Civil Case 3BM90159 – Claimants Gateway Homes UK Ltd & GHNF Ltd – Chronology

This case was previously HQ12X0803 in the Royal Courts Of Justice, London – Queens Bench Division – 1st heard on 2nd March 2012. It was transferred to the Birmingham District Registry in February 2012 as case 3BM90159. A trial date has

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