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Nick Statman – expert negotiator? I think not …

The Royal Courts of Justice London`

Mr Nick Statman, Pray I am confused as to exactly how we can “narrow the issues beforehand” as you have made no attempt to settle the costs and damages in any way – even by your email below. May I

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Joke quote of the day from Emily Slater laughable affidavit number 3 – 20140704

Emily Slater Joke Quote Of The Day

How dare I complain to the Lincolnshire Police force about being unlawfully arrested by them at the behest of Miss Emily Slater? The temerity, the audacity, the downright nerve of it!!  Whatever was I thinking when I did this terrible deed ?

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Emily Slater – threatening letter for restraining order! 20120328

Emily Slater Joke Quote Of The Day

#blogging #bmvproperty #property #franchise #worstboss #civillaw How dare I ignore their interpretation of the law?? How dare I blog about them?? Throughout the last two years and longer there have been two laws being challenged – one being the (correct) Law

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Sally Anne Brown (Humphrys) declined to appear as High Court Witness …. surprise surprise …. not!

Sally Anne Brown Haddenham

Mrs Sally Anne Brown (Humphrys) of Haddenham, Ely, Cambridgeshire declined to appear in Court having provided last-minute written Hearsay Evidence for High Court Claim 3BM90158 for Mr Nick Statman and Mr Malcolm Statman on 7th March 2014. This evidence was

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