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Nicholas “Teflon” Charles Statman – Up-to his old tricks again ?

OK so hold the front page – another company, another liquidation followed by a buy-out! Same person, same dodgy history, same leaving debts behind. Honestly, anyone having anything to do with Mr Nicholas Statman or his father Mr Malcolm Statman

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Clare Painter quits Bettermove.co.uk November 2015

Nick Statman Nice Suit .... am sure you wore it to trial too ...

Like rats leaving a sinking ship, yet another person leaves the Nicholas teflon-coat Statman empire! Clare Painter, oh she of failed business empire Roost Lettings, and also known as Jane Wood, resigned as Director of Strand Acquisitions Ltd.

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Gateway Homes UK Ltd Website Offline – permanently? We can hope maybe ….

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Emily Slater no longer in Cohen Cramer Disputes team …. ? Moved to Austria ?

Emily Slater Nick Statman Malcom Statman

As if by magic Emily Slater has disappeared from Cohen Cramer Disputes team web page here! I had hoped to lock horns again in the near future over matters still unresolved about her procuring my unlawful arrest and her cosy

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Gateway Homes Turnover down 75% in latest accounts!

Gateway Homes - Whitehall Franchise Ltd

Rogue property buyers Gateway Homes UK Ltd filed year-ended 31st March 2014 reporting a 75% reduction in turnover from £8.7 million pounds in 2013 to £2.4 million pounds in 2014! #roguetraders #scams #ripoffbritain

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sellhousenow.co.uk replaces propertybuyer.co.uk …. out with the old and in with

Sell House Now aka Gateway Homes UK Ltd

Companies are easy come easy go for some people and to Mr Malcolm Statman and Mr Nick Statman this is certainly the case. Yesterday I wrote about Prop Buy Ltd going into liquidation hot on the heals of Whitehall Franchise

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Transcript of Rip Off Britain Starring Gateway Homes #roguetrader #ripoffbritain

Oliver Barber and Nick Statman - Still partners?

Thanks to the iPlayer download function we can bring you the full transcript of the BBC Rip Off Britain show starring Nick Statman and Gateway Homes. Along with the download media file comes an XML file containing the subtitle text.

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Gateway Homes and Nick Statman star in BBC’s Rip Off Britain!

Gateway Homes - Whitehall Franchise Ltd

Yet more consumers telling their rip-off stories of being victims of Gateway Homes/Propertybuyer/Tom Craven/Speedy Properties/Whitehall Franchise Ltd/Prop Buy Ltd. It just seems Gateway Homes and Nick Statman just cannot get enough negative publicity recently. Not content with starring in BBC Inside

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Whitehall Franchise Limited formerly trading as Gateway Homes Nationwide Franchise Limited – In Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation (”the Company”) [A-W.FID5450463]

Gateway Homes - Whitehall Franchise Ltd

It appears I have upset the Joint Liquidators much as I upset Mr Nick Statman and Mr Malcolm Statman by asking too many awkward questions …. see email correspondence below. I don’t see any of my previous email as anything

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Liquidation Of Whitehall Franchise Ltd – Nick Statman has many questions to answer!

BetterMove - Whitehall Franchise Ltd

I recently informed Scott Shaw of Armstrong Watson, the appointed liquidators of Whitehall Franchise Ltd by email of my status as a creditor of the company and also the status of on-going litigation.

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