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BetterMove - Whitehall Franchise Ltd

By reference to a recent email today to Nick Statman, Malcolm Statman and Clare Painter of Gateway Homes Group aka Whitehall Franchise UK Ltd #whitehallfranchise #gatewayhomes Obviously takes his franchise companies and franchisees seriously as the return offer was 10

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Disposal Hearing – Seems like a bunch of excuses not to pay me anytime soon….

No negotiation on damages has taken place …. surprise surprise! And now no-one  is available to attend Court until 23rd September! [sorry, they can’t all get together ….] So quick to get their own hearings organised, so slow to pay

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“Class Action” Civil Claim against Gateway Homes aka PropertyBuyer Franchise Program – all franchisees and ex-franchisees invited to contact me

All Gateway Homes franchisees past and present and/or PropertyBuyer franchisees past and present are invited to contact me via email.

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Trial Date – 18th December 2013 Birmingham District Registry

Finally we have a Trial Date in my civil case versus (1) Gateway Homes UK Ltd/Gateway Homes Nationwide Franchise Ltd (aka Propertybuyer/Prop Buy Ltd) and (2) Mr Malcolm Statman / Mr Nick Statman following the pre-trial hearing on 28th June 2013!

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Good day in Birmingham! Impressed with HH Judge Oliver-Jones QC grasp on the Civil case I am defending!

My faith in British Justice took a turn for the better on Friday 28th June 2013 in the Queens Bench Division of Birmingham County Court. Having been involved in a Civil case against a versus (1) Gateway Homes UK Ltd/Gateway

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