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“claimants had lost all sense of proportion and judgment in bringing and pursuing these proceedings”

Miss Emily Slater, I have read your Clients Witness Statement, for what it is worth. Pray how do you propose we negotiate directions when you have failed in all attempts to negotiate settlement pre-trial and fail to acknowledge any liability

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BBC Inside Out North East – Gateway Homes & Tom Craven Property Expose

Watch the BBC Inside Out North East Investigation – Gateway Homes & Tom Craven Property first aired 5th November 2012

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NEW Civil Trial Date – 1st April 2014 Birmingham District Registry #propertybuyer

A new trial date has been set in my double-header civil case versus the Claimants (1) Gateway Homes UK Ltd (2) Gateway Homes Nationwide Franchise Ltd and (1) Mr Malcolm Statman (2) Mr Nick Statman following a hearing before HH Judge

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