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Cohen Cramer Solicitors no strangers to the Solicitors Regulatory Authority

Cohen Cramer SRA Search

On researching Michael McDonnell and Emily Slater at Cohen Cramer Solicitors recently I discovered they are no strangers to the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority). To checkout the background of a solicitor or firm of solicitors search on this page http://www.sra.org.uk/consumers/solicitor-check.page to

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Disposal Hearing – Seems like a bunch of excuses not to pay me anytime soon….

No negotiation on damages has taken place …. surprise surprise! And now no-one  is available to attend Court until 23rd September! [sorry, they can’t all get together ….] So quick to get their own hearings organised, so slow to pay

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“claimants had lost all sense of proportion and judgment in bringing and pursuing these proceedings”

Miss Emily Slater, I have read your Clients Witness Statement, for what it is worth. Pray how do you propose we negotiate directions when you have failed in all attempts to negotiate settlement pre-trial and fail to acknowledge any liability

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Gateway Homes aka PropertyBuyer – nearly 6 feet of legal paperwork and counting!

So far this ridiculously pointless 2 year long legal case initially brought against me by Gateway Homes UK Ltd and Gateway Homes Nationwide Franchise Ltd and latterly by the directors themselves Mr Malcolm Statman and Mr Nicholas (Nick) Statman has done

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How to raise a complaint against the conduct of a Police Officer(s)

Not something you expect to do everyday but sometimes you just have to out of principal. I recently raised an IPCC complaint against two Police Officers – PC Wharton and DS Czajkowski of Lincolnshire Police for their conduct and unauthorised

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