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Vulcan Bomber Tour, Wellesbourne, Sunday October 26th

Vulcan bomber

A close up encounter with the aircraft not normally available to the general public, this visit is open to members and their guests.  Visit the cockpit and take a look through the open engine bay for a worms’ eye view

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Recommend! Excellent customer service

Great service! 5 Stars *****

It’s not often that I write about companies and products but on this occasion I will. I have used twice recently and both purchasing experiences have been extremely positive. Sheets and towels are hardly anything to write home about

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Spinnaker Tower Abseil 31st August 2014 Ellen Macarthur Cancer Trust

Fantastic opportunity to support the Ellen Macarthur Cancer Trust and do a great abseil! I did it a couple of years ago and had a great time! Details below – Do you know any one crazy enough to abseil down

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Ban ANPR in NHS hospital car parks Sign E-Petition Please

 I agree with this entirely having spent a fortune in hospital car parks over the last 10 years in particular. PLEASE SIGN THIS GOVERNMENT PETITION & PASS IT ON TO YOUR COLLEAGUES AND FRIENDS TO ENSURE THAT NHS HOSPITAL PATIENTS &

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eon Energy Payment System Down for over 24 hours?

What’s the point in having an online payment system and a phone payment system when you can’t use it ? Yes system maintenance has to happen … but not for over 24 hours! So how do I now pay my

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Unlock your card pin at an ATM machine

I stopped to fill up the car yesterday evening and put my card in the pump machine to save going to the kiosk. It just said “pin locked” please use alternative card. I filled up and paid in the kiosk

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Manflu Alert …. #manflu

Epidemic in South Lincolnshire! Well maybe not, but like all men I am not a good patient. Why is it manflu in the middle of summer (cough …. cold enough to be winter!) ? Further behind with work etc so

Fed up with call centre IVR’s or voice response ?

Only a quick note today as this struck me as a fantastic resource – as reported by the BBC news today – Call centre menu options catalogued by frustrated man. Personally over the years call centre menus have become more

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Praise to the Magento E-Commerce Community

In the past I have always protected my personal privacy on the web, which I still do, but events over the last 12 months or so have softened what was once a very hard line on how much I would

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Blogger Returns After 6 Month Absence

No I haven’t been to prison – well not quite yet anyway (more on that later – Boston Police Station is not quite a prison)! After an eventful 6 months or so and the temporary suspension of some of my blog

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