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Nicholas “Teflon” Charles Statman – Up-to his old tricks again ?

OK so hold the front page – another company, another liquidation followed by a buy-out! Same person, same dodgy history, same leaving debts behind. Honestly, anyone having anything to do with Mr Nicholas Statman or his father Mr Malcolm Statman

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Cyber Voice – New Cyber Security Column in Spalding & South Holland Voice

Cyber security and your responsibilities

Just started to write a monthly column Cyber Voice in one of our local newspapers, the Spalding & South Holland Voice to raise awareness of the need for everyone to engage in their personal and family safety on the web.

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UK Action Fraud Website Next to Useless …. Insecure forms and no secure email!

Action Fraud Broken HTTPS

Attempted this morning to raise a report of an instance of Zeus malware / ransomware / virus on UK Action Fraud website. Beset with problems – National Fraud Report Form Unexpected Error We are sorry but the complaint form has

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Clare Painter quits November 2015

Nick Statman Nice Suit .... am sure you wore it to trial too ...

Like rats leaving a sinking ship, yet another person leaves the Nicholas teflon-coat Statman empire! Clare Painter, oh she of failed business empire Roost Lettings, and also known as Jane Wood, resigned as Director of Strand Acquisitions Ltd.

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DWP Boston Health Assessment Centre – kudos to the Maximus nurse

I’d like to thank the Maximus nurse at the DWP Boston Assessment Centre for her kindness and compassion earlier today. Not only did I get a call out of the blue to check if I was attending my appointment this

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Three Years since Emily Slater Hoodwinked Lincs Police To Get Me Unlawfully Arrested

It is now my third anniversary of one of the worst days of my life when Lincolnshire Police were banging on the doors and windows at 01:32am. I wonder is Miss Emily Slater is still celebrating ?

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Robert Charles Property T/A Sellhousenow Website Offline – permanently? We can hope maybe ….

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Tom Craven Property Ltd Website Offline – permanently? We can hope maybe ….


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Gateway Homes UK Ltd Website Offline – permanently? We can hope maybe ….

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Nick and Malcolm Statman vs Stuart Brown Verdict Transcript (23/04/2014)- Pages 71 to 75 (of 75)

Jack and Dolly - Legal Assistants

APPROVED JUDGMENT (contd… Pages 71 to 75 of 75) 318. That was the essence of the complaint following his arrest. True he had, erroneously, alleged “perjury”. It is true to say that he was concerned, in particular, about the role played by Miss

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