Nicholas “Teflon” Charles Statman – Up-to his old tricks again ?

OK so hold the front page – another company, another liquidation followed by a buy-out! Same person, same dodgy history, same leaving debts behind.

Honestly, anyone having anything to do with Mr Nicholas Statman or his father Mr Malcolm Statman need their heads examining …. just totally unpleasant narcissists the pair of them. Don’t take my word for it …. so says a High Court Judge and a plethora of business men who did.

So, the news is ( A BETTER MOVE LTD ) goes bust (it’s, as in website, only had about 3 or 4 Limited companies owning it and all going bust or falling out amongst thieves (I mean directors) – so where is Adam Myers these days ? Just take a look on this blog for a potted history.

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