Clare Painter quits November 2015

Clare Painter quits November 2015
Nice Suit .... am sure you wore it to trial too ...
BetterMove - Whitehall Franchise Ltd
BetterMove – Strand Acquisitions Ltd

Like rats leaving a sinking ship, yet another person leaves the Nicholas teflon-coat Statman empire! Clare Painter, oh she of failed business empire Roost Lettings, and also known as Jane Wood, resigned as Director of Strand Acquisitions Ltd.

BetterMove is a trading name of Strand Acquisition Limited, company registration number 08270432, Clare Painter being a Director between 3rd March 2014 and 26th November 2015. Guess who is the new director and leader of this failing online estate agency – yep, none other than Mr Nicholas Charles Statman, he of Gateway Homes UK Ltd, Whitehall Franchise Ltd and many more failed or failing businesses.

You can see the filing history or BetterMove or Strand Acquisitions here –

While you are there, take a look at the accounts – even they admit that the company relies on Gateway Homes UK Ltd …. which according to its website is still down as previously reported!

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