DWP Boston Health Assessment Centre – kudos to the Maximus nurse

I’d like to thank the Maximus nurse at the DWP Boston Assessment Centre for her kindness and compassion earlier today. Not only did I get a call out of the blue to check if I was attending my appointment this afternoon, it was clear she had sussed the situation out and dealt with me with compassion, empathy, swiftly and promptly – I was 30 minutes early and only waited 5 minutes to be out of the door quite soon afterwards.

I had waited since August 2014 for this assessment, which in itself has been stressful waiting, but when I got the letter on 12th November 2015 to say it was at Crown Building, Lincoln Lane, Boston PE21 8SJ my heart had sunk. Going past PC World and then turning and facing Boston Police Station made me feel physically sick.

I am embarassed in hindsight to say that due to an anxiety attack and painful mental flashbacks I can’t remember her name. Its the first ever appointment in any Government office that it was clear the lady had read my file, read the draft version of Professor Rix’s report and understood that the building we were meeting in was slap bang next door to the place of horrors aka Boston Police Station. I left her with an updated version of the report, answered a few questions and that was it as she did not want to cause me further distress.

Within 10 minutes I was on my way. Obviously I have no idea of her assessment findings but she made it at least bearable.

Big kudos and thanks…… sadly I don’t have a direct phone number to call to even find out your name.

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