Three Years since Emily Slater Hoodwinked Lincs Police To Get Me Unlawfully Arrested

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Still celebrating Emily Slater?

It is now my third anniversary of one of the worst days of my life when Lincolnshire Police were banging on the doors and windows at 01:32am. I wonder is Miss Emily Slater is still celebrating ?

The effects and consequences of that night on my life are soon to be well documented, along with directly related events before and since, in several up-coming publications, but to say that I am still suffering is an understatement so I am unsure how long it will be to launch dates. I have not worked since August 2014, having been re-diagnosed with PTSD in November 2013 by Professor Keith J Rix as a direct consequence of the unlawful arrest by Lincolnshire Police on 19th November 2012.

I have had to learn a lot about myself, how to manage an invisible illness and who I really can rely on in my life. It’s been a long, painful journey, but one I feel I am approaching the other side i.e. recovery. Nowhere near the end but I am slowly starting to be able to get my life back. My support network know who you are and I thank them all from the bottom of my heart – you have been an absolute godsend.

I’d include Mr Ian Best, Total Therapeutics, for being the ultimate professional and absolute rock of a therapist he is …..

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