Happy April Fool’s 1st Anniversary Nick and Malcolm Statman

Nick Statman Nice Suit .... am sure you wore it to trial too ...

Nice Suit …. am sure you wore it to trial too …

Astonishingly it is a year to the day since the start of the High Court trial in Birmingham that ended in an absolute trouncing for Mr Nick teflon-coat Statman, Mr Malcolm bully-boy Statman and their cocky legal team – Miss Emily I-am-the-law Slater, then a solicitor for Cohen Cramer Ltd (allegedly she’s now been fired), Mr Matthew tweedledum Richardson, barrister, his little brother barrister Mr Adam tweedledee Richardson. I remember distinctly the three main highlights or sound-bites of the day.

  1. Last minute evidence and statements submitted by Miss Emily Slater thrown out inside the first minute of the hearing without so much as a by you leave courtesy of His Honour Judge Robert Owen QC
  2. Mr Matthew Richardson of Henderson Chambers opening spiel making a clear statement that he expected the trial to be over by the next afternoon – how wrong can you get! Trial lasted 6 full days …..
  3. Mr Nick Statman took to the stand to be cross-examined by my barrister to spin his combination of lies and untruths.

Number 3 reminded me of something Mr Matthew Richardson had said to me on the 9th November 2012 at an earlier hearing “these are extremely nasty people – forget you ever knew them and just walk away ….. they are baying for your blood ….. wipe them from your CV …. there are no laws to say you cannot lie” () which I found a little strange coming from a supposed barrister …. In hindsight these comments happened to be some kind of warning I presume that behind the scenes a certain Miss Emily Slater was in the middle of her little plan in procuring my unlawful arrest and duping Lincolnshire Police!

Now who are the fools ?

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