Month: March 2015

Twitter DMCA request shows Emily Slater still employed by Cohen Cramer but based in Austria ?

Emily Slater DMCA Request Screen Shot

A recent (4th March 2015) Twitter DMCA request by Emily Slater to remove a tweet containing a photo of her sipping wine states she still works for Cohen Cramer ….. the plot thickens! Or maybe a DMCA request saying unemployed 

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Simon Baskind does not respond to questions over Emily Slater and her departure from Cohen Cramer

Emily Slater Fired ?

I wrote the following email to Simon Baskind, Managing Director of Cohen Cramer Ltd, following the alleged recent departure of Miss Emily Slater from the company with, as yet, no response or acknowledgement. I generally have found that when you

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Nick Statman and Malcolm Statman – guilty of false accounting ? Financial magicians ?

Nick Statman Fails to pay High Court Order

A warning to all you suppliers and contractors out there when supplying ANY of Nick or Malcolm Statman companies – they can deny you ever supplied them or invoiced them – in fact, they make your invoices just disappear! How do

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Emily Slater no longer in Cohen Cramer Disputes team …. ? Moved to Austria ?

Emily Slater Nick Statman Malcom Statman

As if by magic Emily Slater has disappeared from Cohen Cramer Disputes team web page here! I had hoped to lock horns again in the near future over matters still unresolved about her procuring my unlawful arrest and her cosy

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