Gateway Homes Turnover down 75% in latest accounts!

Rogue property buyers Gateway Homes UK Ltd filed year-ended 31st March 2014 reporting a 75% reduction in turnover from £8.7 million pounds in 2013 to £2.4 million pounds in 2014! #roguetraders #scams #ripoffbritain

No mention by its director Mr Nicholas Statman of the BBC Inside Out expose or BBC Rip Off Britain expose let alone the investigation by the OFT possibly damaging its business! For once I did not get a mention as a reason for a decline in the business compared with the failure of Whitehall Franchise Ltd. No mention whatsoever of the failed, yet highly costly, legal case and the damages and costs the company is still liable for ….

The drop in revenue is explained as

The financial statements show a decrease in turnover. This occurred because an increasing number of sales of properties have been arranged on a basis to eliminate a separate purchase and sale so as to avoid undue delays in transactions.

That would be a fine explanation if it wasn’t for the fact that they have been doing that since January 2011 so this buying method is not new and already reflected in their 2013 accounts ….. I’d say its just down to loss of business – which means less people have been vulnerable to their scam-like methods of business!

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