Gateway Homes and Nick Statman star in BBC’s Rip Off Britain!

Gateway Homes - Whitehall Franchise Ltd

Gateway Homes – Whitehall Franchise Ltd

Yet more consumers telling their rip-off stories of being victims of Gateway Homes/Propertybuyer/Tom Craven/Speedy Properties/Whitehall Franchise Ltd/Prop Buy Ltd. It just seems Gateway Homes and Nick Statman just cannot get enough negative publicity recently. Not content with starring in BBC Inside Out back in November 2012, Sunday Express August 2011, Daily Mirror 2011 and 2014 (twice) they now bounce back in October 2014 as stars of BBC Rip Off Britain that aired 14th October 2014 (31’25”).

Sadly this is becoming an all too familiar story about how Nick Statman and his group of companies operate. If you watch from minute 31, 25 seconds you will get the whole sorry tale of another unhappy customer. Of course Mr teflon coating Statman responds with not our fault and read the small print.

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