Whitehall Franchise Limited formerly trading as Gateway Homes Nationwide Franchise Limited – In Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation (”the Company”) [A-W.FID5450463]

It appears I have upset the Joint Liquidators much as I upset Mr Nick Statman and Mr Malcolm Statman by asking too many awkward questions …. see email correspondence below. I don’t see any of my previous email as anything other than factual!

Ms Cleghorn

In response to your email below may I inform you that at no time have I been informed that correspondence between the two parties are confidential. I have no trading terms with yourselves and as such all I got from Scott Shaw was to put my concerns in writing, which I did.

As of 13th October 2014 I have received nothing in response from you other than we are awaiting responses from Mr Nick Statman. I have not received any formal paperwork or acknowledgement as such that I am indeed a creditor of the above company from yourselves and if you are looking for truth and honesty from Mr Nick or Malcolm Statman then you will be short-changed as they have not only been caught out in the High Court they have also proven to have no respect for its existence. With this in mind, and the clear fact that you have already been misled by Mr Nick Statman, then what you have been provided in terms of accounting paperwork etc has to be incomplete too.

Should you provide me with said acknowledgement with T’s and C’s to sign I am more than happy to abide by any confidentiality clause.

Maybe you should train your staff to make anyone officially aware of this process if, indeed, the Liquidator files are strictly confidential. As a creditor I have a right to ensure the liquidators provide sufficient evidence of any malpractice or trading deficiencies operated by directors and/or shareholders.


Stuart Brown

From: Zoe Cleghorn [mailto:zoe.cleghorn@armstrongwatson.co.uk]
Sent: 10 October 2014 15:57
To: dad@gingerking.org
Cc: David Robson; Scott Shaw
Subject: Whitehall Franchise Limited formerly trading as Gateway Homes Nationwide Franchise Limited – In Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation (”the Company”) [A-W.FID5450463]
Importance: High

Mr Brown

I refer to our previous correspondence with regard to the above matter.

Whilst having drafted up a response to your queries set out in your email dated 9 September 2014, the Joint Liquidators have today obtained legal advice upon learning that you have today posted an entry on your blog http://stuartsblog.org/ providing a copy of your email correspondence previously sent to the Joint Liquidators of the Company.

You have detailed in your post ‘Of course I shall keep you all informed as to progress and any answers that maybe forthcoming from the liquidators and / or Mr Nick Statman or Mr Malcolm Statman’. This would suggest that you intend to publically display any response received from the Joint Liquidators.

The Joint Liquidators’ files are strictly confidential and we therefore feel that is not appropriate to engage in any further correspondence with you in the event that it prejudices the Joint Liquidators’ position and also that of the creditors of the Company.

The Joint Liquidators’ solicitor shall be writing to you shortly.


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