Gateway Homes - Whitehall Franchise Ltd

Yet more consumers telling their rip-off stories of being victims of Gateway Homes/Propertybuyer/Tom Craven/Speedy Properties/Whitehall Franchise Ltd/Prop Buy Ltd. It just seems Gateway Homes and Nick Statman just cannot get enough negative publicity recently. Not content with starring in BBC Inside …

Gateway Homes and Nick Statman star in BBC’s Rip Off Britain! Read more »

Gateway Homes - Whitehall Franchise Ltd

It appears I have upset the Joint Liquidators much as I upset Mr Nick Statman and Mr Malcolm Statman by asking too many awkward questions …. see email correspondence below. I don’t see any of my previous email as anything …

Whitehall Franchise Limited formerly trading as Gateway Homes Nationwide Franchise Limited – In Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation (”the Company”) [A-W.FID5450463] Read more »

BetterMove - Whitehall Franchise Ltd

I recently informed Scott Shaw of Armstrong Watson, the appointed liquidators of Whitehall Franchise Ltd by email of my status as a creditor of the company and also the status of on-going litigation.

Vulcan bomber

A close up encounter with the aircraft not normally available to the general public, this visit is open to members and their guests.  Visit the cockpit and take a look through the open engine bay for a worms’ eye view …

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Families Need Fathers

FNF are pleased to be able to confirm that as well as holding an AGM on Sunday 16th November in London, there will be a range of discussions and helpful workshops that members may wish to attend. These include:

Nick Statman Fails to pay High Court Order

Why are none of the creditors of any of the Statmans companies surprised that not only do they ignore a High Court Order to pay monies owed, they also completely ignore their OWN proposals for repayment … I await the …

No intention to abide by Court Application – why is noone surprised? Read more »