Oliver Barber’s predictions come to fruition after 2 years and 6 months!

Oliver Barber and Nick Statman - Still partners?

Oliver Barber and Nick Statman – Still partners?

Anyway Nick [Statman] would just close the Gateway name and start everything up under a new name the next day, it happens all the time” …. 15th February 2012, email from Oliver Barber (franchisee and business partner to Mr Nick Statman with Kingsbridge & Carter) to me. Well its close enough isn’t it ? Get in trouble with the OFT, get investigated by the BBC, lose 2 High Court cases, don’t pay the bills (particularly HMRC for Gateway Homes UK Ltd) so then shut the franchise company down! They now operate under several BMV house buying brands including Prop Buy Ltd aka PropertyBuyer, Tom Craven Property, Speedy Properties as well as Gateway Homes as well as Online Estate Agency BetterMove!

So what happens to all those poor creditors and franchisees who now have worthless franchise areas under all the different brands? According to all the websites they are still offering all the franchises for sale …. must have a new company(ies) to setup to run-up maybe more debts and start the cycle over again?

I guess its called watch this space ….. I had a very interesting call with the liquidator yesterday as the directors of Whitehall Franchise Ltd have not included me on the list …. wonder why ? Anyone else missing off the creditor list (consists of only 5 companies and/or people which surprised me immensely!).

Rather seems Mr Nick Statman and his “Gateway Group” have rather a problem with paying HMRC …… maybe some creative accounting been going on?

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