Month: September 2014

Nick and Malcolm Statman have no cash …. apply to High Court for payment schedule!

The Royal Courts of Justice London`

The Statman Empire has no cash to pay its debts …. so says Ms Clare Painter – Gateway Group Manager. I think a lot of creditors will vouch for that as most have been waiting an awful long time for payment!

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Home of Dicey House Deals #propertybuyer – Daily Mirror 24th July 2014

Daily Mirror 24th July 2014 Property Buyer Rip Off

Andrew Penman has been at it again – writing up yet another unhappy customer of the Statman empire. My apologies Andrew I missed it on the day, but repeated here in all its glory. This is Prop Buy Ltd in

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I am not Nick or Malcolm Statmans bank!

Oliver Barber and Nick Statman - Still partners?

Just shows you how much forward planning “entrepreneur” Mr Nick Statman and his father Mr Malcolm Statman do when they have only known since April 23rd 2014 that substantial costs have to be paid after their absolute trouncing in the

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Selling leads now … Nick Statman “of no fixed company” can’t buy houses any more?

Selling BMV leads for £20 - times are hard ....

In my time as a franchisee the name of the game was purchasing property at 80% BMV (below market value) – well that was what I was led to believe. Four years later “we”, as in the Statman empire, are

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More evidence of failing business empire of Mr Nick and Malcolm Statman?

Nick Statman Fails to pay High Court Order

Email just received from Ms Clare Painter highlighting financial problems in the great Statman empire …. 11th September 2014 – We are experiencing temporary cash flow problems and would propose a payment program of four instalments of £5625 commencing 19

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Nick Statman in breach of High Court Order 13th August 2014 – no payment received

Nick Statman Fails to pay High Court Order

Nick Statman, as litigant in person and represented by his “Mackenzie friend” employee Clare Painter at the High Court in Birmingham agreed to pay £22,500 on account towards £70,000 Court costs by 4pm today, 10th September 2014. As of 4.24

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Oliver Barber’s predictions come to fruition after 2 years and 6 months!

Oliver Barber and Nick Statman - Still partners?

“Anyway Nick [Statman] would just close the Gateway name and start everything up under a new name the next day, it happens all the time” …. 15th February 2012, email from Oliver Barber (franchisee and business partner to Mr Nick

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Liquidators Appointed for Whitehall Franchise Ltd

BetterMove - Whitehall Franchise Ltd

The Gazette has posted an official notice of the Appointment of Liquidators  for Whitehall Franchise Ltd. Appointment of Liquidators Name of Company: WHITEHALL FRANCHISE LIMITED Company Number: 07071912 Previous Name of Company: Gateway Homes Nationwide Franchise Limited Registered office: Armstrong Watson,

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