BetterMove - Whitehall Franchise Ltd

By reference to a recent email today to Nick Statman, Malcolm Statman and Clare Painter of Gateway Homes Group aka Whitehall Franchise UK Ltd #whitehallfranchise #gatewayhomes Obviously takes his franchise companies and franchisees seriously as the return offer was 10 … Domain Name For Sale #franchises #franchisors #whitehallfranchise #gatewayhomes Read more »

BetterMove - Whitehall Franchise Ltd

HH Judge Robert Owen QC ordered on Wednesday 13th August 2014 that Whitehall Franchise UK Ltd (formerly known as Gateway Homes Nationwide Franchise Ltd), Gateway Homes UK Ltd, Nick Statman and Malcolm Statman have 28 days to pay me £22,500 …

High Court Orders Whitehall Franchise (& Others) To Pay £22,500 On Account Within 28 Days Read more »

Companies House Seek Gateway Homes to be wound up for non-compliance

I am responsible for dealing with legal matters within the business – Clare Painter, Gateway Group Manager …. Gateway Homes, Whitehall Franchise Ltd, BetterMove Franchise, BetterMove Online Estate Agents,, Tom Craven Properties etc etc etc …. Obviously a newly …

Clare Painter Gateway Homes General Manager now their legal representative! Read more »

HMRC Creditors Gateway Homes Insolvency

I think Mr Nick Statman is asking me for a favour here, but not quite sure ….. Dear Mr Brown, Please check the attachment [see below] namely the order dismissing the petition. In the light of this development please confirm …

Gateway Homes UK Ltd ‘Insolvency’ Riddle – HMRC on their tail Read more »

The Royal Courts of Justice London

Mr Nick Statman, Pray I am confused as to exactly how we can “narrow the issues beforehand” as you have made no attempt to settle the costs and damages in any way – even by your email below. May I …

Nick Statman – expert negotiator? I think not … Read more »

The Royal Courts of Justice London

Just received notice from Birmingham High Court that there will be a Directions hearing for costs and damages on Wednesday 13th August 2014. This is far sooner than requested by Miss Emily Slater of Cohen Cramer Solicitors (now fired) – …

Directions hearing for costs and damages Birmingham High Court 13th August 2014 Read more »

Companies House Seek Gateway Homes to be wound up for non-compliance

Having spoken to Companies House this morning about Gateway Homes UK Ltd on the winding up list on Monday 28th July 2014 and the outcome, apparently there have been objections to this from a number of parties so it will …

Companies House seeking Gateway Homes UK Ltd to be wound up not creditors Read more »