Emily Slater and Cohen Cramer “fired” by Gateway Homes and Nick and Malcolm Statman

What do you do when your reputation is worse AFTER employing so-called reputation management solicitors Cohen Cramer for over two years – “FIRE” them … or just part company ?! In a rather strange twist of events in my legal cases 3BM90158 and 3BM90159 I received notification from Mr Nick Statman via email on 17th July 2014 that they had filed an N434 (see below) with the High Court in Birmingham dispensing with the loyal services of Miss Emily Slater and Cohen Cramer Solicitors. I wonder why ? Both declined to comment when asked …..

Cohen Cramer boast “if something was written or said about you that damaged your reputation, it is important to hire an expert solicitor who has significant experience in the area of law” ….

Not only has Miss Emily Slater represented Whitehall Franchise Ltd and Gateway Homes (UK) Ltd against me, she also represented them during the Office of Fair Trading investigation August 2013 to December 2013

One can only speculate as to the reasons for the parting of the ways …. for potentially there are many!

  • Have the Statmans paid their bills?
  • Are they arguing over the financial costs of the debacle and embarrassment of losing two High Court cases?
  • Are they arguing over potentially appalling legal advice during the High Court cases?
  • Was it the vexatious litigation?
  • Was it the numerous noddy goes to school errors smattered throughout the paperwork?
  • Was it that they (people and companies) have both come out with far worse reputations than when they started?
  • Or maybe they had just had enough of each other ….

But then the Statmans make the same everyday schoolboy errors that Miss Emily Slater made …. so maybe they were actually a perfect match for sloppiness!

The email stated –

Dear Stuart

Please find attached a notice of change of legal representative and confirm receipt.

many thanks

Nick Statman

Nick Statman Wrong Email Signature

Nick Statman Wrong Email Signature – Join Who ?? Follow Who ?? Watch What ??

Obviously Mr Nick Statman as Managing Director had updated the footer of his email with the change of address, however he still wants you to

  1. “Join Us On Facebook” – on a non-existent page https://www.facebook.com/GatewayPropertyGroup – disappeared around August 2013 when they switched to http://www.propertybuyer.co.uk
  2. “Follow Us On Twitter” – on a non-existent feed https://twitter.com/gatewayhomesuk – disappeared around August 2013 when the switched to http://www.propertybuyer.co.uk
  3. “Link In” – https://www.linkedin.com/company/gateway-homes-uk-ltd- – but of course with the wrong address for the company. Only moved offices a year ago ….
  4. “Watch Us On YouTube” – on a non-existent video channel https://www.youtube.com/user/gatewayhomes

Maybe Nick Statman doesn’t use that email address and signature so often these days for people to point out the errors …. ?

Never mind, he continues in the Emily Slater vein of getting his company name wrong on the paperwork ….. Gateway Homes Nationwide Franchise Ltd changed its name to Whitehall Franchise Ltd on 17th April 2014 …. download PDF version

N434 3BM90158 3BM90159 Whitehall Franchise Ltd

N434 3BM90158 3BM90159 Whitehall Franchise Ltd

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