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How dare I complain to the Lincolnshire Police force about being unlawfully arrested by them at the behest of Miss Emily Slater? The temerity, the audacity, the downright nerve of it!!  Whatever was I thinking when I did this terrible deed ? As, according to Miss Emily Slater’s 3rd Affidavit requesting that the Defendant be committed for contempt of Court breaching the Order of HHJ Thornton QC dated 9 November 2012 dated 20th February 2014.

HH Judge Robert Owen QC said in judgement (sarcastically) “the defendant had had the temerity to complain about his unlawful arrest”

Note – don’t think there is a “Lincolnshire Police Station” – Lincolnshire is a County Miss Slater, not a Police Station ….. well it was the last time I looked on a map! More detail errors that keep cropping up!

I refer the court to the following conduct, which I believe constitutes breaches of the aforementioned Order: –

(a) The Defendant reported the Claimants, their Barrister and myself to Lincolnshire Police in April/ May 2013, which resulted in the police investigation report dated 8 May 2013, as exhibited at ES3 pages 8 – 20.

I draw to the Court’s attention that notwithstanding that the validity of the Defendant’s arrest had been looked at by both HHJ Thornton QC and the [P]professional [S]standards [D]department of Lincolnshire Police, who both concluded that there was no “foul play” so to speak, the Defendant attended Lincolnshire Police Station [??] to make a formal complaint about the conduct of both the Claimants and their legal representatives. The Court is referred to page 10 of ES3 which states the following:-

“On 19th November 2012 judge Thornton made a ruling about the matter. Mr Brown received o copy of this and I assume, as a result of the judge’s comments, have suggested that Emily Slater has committed perjury.

Mr Brown has also suggested that The Statmans, Miss Slater and Mr Matthew Henderson (sic. Richardson) conspired to have him arrested and that Miss Slater and Mr Henderson (sic. Richardson) attempted to pervert the course of justice.

I have been asked to establish if any criminal offences have been committed as is the contention of Mr Brown”.

I believe that the Defendant’s complaint to ‘the police is in breach of the undertakings provided at Paragraph (5) b, c and d of the Order of 9 November 2012.

This same “allegation of harassment” was part of Mr Nick Statman and Mr Malcolm Statman’s Scott Schedule (the 25 allegations of harassment)

So what did HH Judge Robert Owen QC have to say ?

… it appeared from the claimants’ testimony, arguably the most serious of the allegations. It is dated March 2013. The allegation is that the defendant made unfounded and malicious complaints of ‘perjury’ to the police. This allegation arises out of the unlawful arrest of the defendant which he believed was procured by the claimants and their lawyers who gave incorrect information about him to the police, who acted on that information. The defendant, acting in person, complained that the claimants and their lawyers had committed perjury when, in fact, the police investigation found no evidence of perjury (within Miss Slater’s third affidavit). The fact of that complaint was made known to Miss Slater in June 2013.The claimants allege that the complaint was unfounded and constituted as act of harassment.

However, the defendant’s real complaint, it appears, was that the claimants had wrongfully procured his arrest though he used the incorrect legal term of ‘perjury’.

The ‘investigation’ [by Lincolnshire Police] was, of course, flawed

… True he had, erroneously, alleged “perjury”. It is true to say that he was concerned, in particular, about the role played by Miss Slater – understandably so – and, quite rationally, he was concerned that the claimants personally must have been involved because of the clear presumption (and fact) that their solicitor was acting on their instructions, in particular, Mr Nick Statman (as Miss Slater’s exhibits show).

… Indeed, that was not the only occasion in the course of these proceedings that, on behalf of the claimants, Miss Slater’s judgment might be criticised.

… In essence, Miss Slater’s complaint, on behalf of the claimants, it might be thought, was that the defendant had had the temerity to complain about his unlawful arrest which, it was alleged, gave rise to a further breach of the order.

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