Response to Emily Slater “Not Good Enough” …. now there’s a surprise!

#blogging #norespect How dare I not take Emily Slater’s letter seriously and my “continued lack of respect for the Court shall be highlighted” …. suitable email exchange below – sorry read from bottom up. They really didn’t like my original blog site ….. full story on that one to come ….  “we consider your behaviour to be harassment” – not according to common sense and HH judges Robert Owen QC!

Mr Brown,

The contents of your email suggest that you are still not taking this matter seriously. I have requested a response to my letter by 12pm tomorrow, failing which I am instructed to apply to Court in relation to your breach of the undertakings and a restraining order in relation to your ongoing harassment of my client – in particular your blog site.

I note from reviewing the blog site this morning, you have accessed it yesterday and added further blogs. Clearly you have access to the internet, yet are failing to respond to the points raise in my letter and take the posts in relation to my Client down. The fact that you are away on a ‘personal matter’ over the next few days is irrelevant to me given that you have been put on notice that we consider your behaviour to be harassment, yet you are continuing to do so. Whilst you may be ‘going away’ your blogs remain on the internet.

I strongly suggest that you obtain legal advice – I cannot stress this enough. I will annex all of my correspondence and your email response to a witness statement to be filed at Court in support of an application. You continued lack of respect for the Court shall be highlighted.

Emily Slater

From: Stuart Brown
Sent: 29 March 2012 09:00
To: Emily Slater []
Subject: RE: Gateway

Hi Miss Slater,

I am away today and tomorrow on a personal matter and will review the contents of your letter over the weekend and hopefully respond early next week.


Stuart Brown

From: Emily Slater []
Sent: 28 March 2012 16:51
To: Stuart Brown
Subject: Gateway

Dear Mr Brown,

Please find attached correspondence for your urgent attention.

Yours sincerely,

Emily Slater

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