Month: July 2014

What does Nick Statman and Simon Morris of Leeds have in common?

Adam Myers - trust ye not

Why, they have Adam Myers in common of course! Boy I wish I’d done my homework back in February 2010 and stayed a million miles away from these comedians. If I’d known of things like this I would never have

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Note to Gateway Homes UK Ltd Creditors – “unlimited cross guaruntee”

As creditors of Gateway Homes UK Ltd may be concerned about recouping their losses by yesterdays winding up hearing I thought I’d read through their accounts as supplied to the High Court in my case 3BM90159. Section 18 Contingent liabilities

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Gateway Homes UK Ltd On Court Winding Up List – Creditors On Their Backs?

propertybuyer - Whitehall Franchise Ltd

Further to Nick and Malcolm Statman “firing” their solicitors it appears they are in greater trouble as they are listed for another court hearing tomorrow – this time on the Companies Court Winding Up List for 28th July 2014 –

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Emily Slater and Cohen Cramer “fired” by Gateway Homes and Nick and Malcolm Statman

What do you do when your reputation is worse AFTER employing so-called reputation management solicitors Cohen Cramer for over two years – “FIRE” them … or just part company ?! In a rather strange twist of events in my legal

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Cohen Cramer Solicitors no strangers to the Solicitors Regulatory Authority

Cohen Cramer SRA Search

On researching Michael McDonnell and Emily Slater at Cohen Cramer Solicitors recently I discovered they are no strangers to the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority). To checkout the background of a solicitor or firm of solicitors search on this page to

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Emily Slater – threatening letter for an immediate anti-harassment injunction! 20121017

Emily Slater Joke Quote Of The Day

Following OTT letter of 28th March 2012, Miss Emily Slater proceeds down the personal harassment route of the 1997 Protection from Harassment Act on behalf of Mr Nick Statman and Mr Malcolm Statman – how dare I keep blogging about their

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Joke quote of the day from Emily Slater laughable affidavit number 3 – 20140704

Emily Slater Joke Quote Of The Day

How dare I complain to the Lincolnshire Police force about being unlawfully arrested by them at the behest of Miss Emily Slater? The temerity, the audacity, the downright nerve of it!!  Whatever was I thinking when I did this terrible deed ?

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Geoffrey Dickens: 1931- 1995 – Hero for childrens rights

Geoffrey Dickens: 1931- 1995 – Hero for childrens rights.

Parental Responsibility – What the Law Says

Parental Responsibility – What the Law Says (from Cambridgeshire County Council) The Children Act, 1989 Section 3 (1) “Parental Responsibility” is defined as “all the rights, duties, powers, responsibilities and authority which by law a parent of a child has

Emily Slater Attempt No 1 To Get Blog Taken Down By 123-Reg 20120329

Emily Slater Joke Quote Of The Day

Emily Slater, of Cohen Cramer Solicitors, Leeds, was ordered by High Court Judge HHJ Anthony Thornton QC on 17th January 2013 to release communication between herself and 123-reg / Webfusion Ltd. Below is the 1st attempt she made on the 29th

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