Failure to pay costs order – 3BM90158 & 3BM90159

Email to “Miss Kaye Longhorn,

Can you advise if your Clients are paying the Costs submitted including additional interest by close of business tomorrow 6th June 2014 (£68,505.00 total) or are you filing your Points Of Dispute that you indicated will “serve upon me shortly”?

Shortly in most books is one to two days – you will have had the costs submission for 15 days tomorrow – there are only 182 line items all of which are pretty simple and straight forward …. Surely you have the resources within Cohen Cramer to check them?

As previously indicated if not received by 4pm tomorrow I shall file an Application N244 for full payment immediately ort at a minimum an interim payment of costs of £50,000 with an assessment by HH Judge Robert Owen QC on those previously submitted.


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