FW: Failure to pay costs order – 3BM90158 & 3BM90159 – response from Kaye Longhorn

“Dear Mr Brown
Many thanks for your email below which has been forwarded to me in Emily’s absence.
Your costs submission is acknowledged however is not accepted by our Client. As such, we are in the process of preparing a Points of Dispute in relation to your costs claimed which we will serve upon you shortly. This is with the view to having the costs subject to either summary or detailed assessment  by a Judge in due course if they cannot be agreed.
If you are not familiar with this procedure we would suggest that you seek independent legal advice to assist in moving forward.
Yours sincerely


My response below –

Dear Miss Kaye Longhorn,

I find it strange that when asked for an acknowledgement of service of costs and damages in my email of 15:06 on 22nd May 2014

“I attach damages witness statement and exhibits as per Order of HH Judge Robert Owen QC 23rd April 2014.

Costs statement and exhibits submitted by separate email earlier today.

Please confirm/acknowledge receipt of both.


Stuart Brown”

it takes a solicitor 12 days to even answer the very simple question of acknowledgement? Let alone deal with the matters at hand.

Oh sorry, I forget it works differently when you give 48 hours notice to try and send me to prison for “alleged breach of a Court Order” as that in itself is too much notice isn’t it ? I gave you seven days, which is reasonable in the circumstances, to file any “Points of Dispute” which you have still failed to file.

I would point out that the costs were awarded on an “indemnity basis” which means “any doubt as to the costs is resolved in favour of the receiving party” i.e. the Defendant in this case.

As previously stated I will file an Application on Friday if monies are not received.

Yours sincerely

Stuart Brown”

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