Failure to pay costs order – 3BM90158 & 3BM90159 – Email To Emily Slater, Cohen Cramer Leeds

“Dear Miss Emily Slater,

Are your clients Mr Malcolm Statman, Mr Nick Statman / Gateway Homes UK Ltd, Gateway Homes Nationwide Franchise Ltd in financial difficulty or are they just not wishing to comply with HH Judge Robert Owen QC’s High Court Order, Birmingham District Registry, 23rd April 2014 ?

As outlined on my costs submission interest is accruing on a daily basis – calculated up until tomorrow the balance owed is as follows (original amount totalling £68,385.16 up to 29th May 2014) –

03/06/2014 Totals  £68,460.06

And by Friday 6th June 2014 will be –

06/06/2014 Totals  £68,505.00

If payment is not received by Friday 6th June 2014 I shall be forced to make an Application to the Court for prompt settlement of Costs. Your Clients therefore being liable for additional costs. Could you supply all the company details that Mr Nicholas Charles Statman and Mr Malcolm Robert Statman have either Directorships and/or Shareholding Interests in as should it be required to make an Application to the Court on Friday 6th June 2014 for immediate payment as it would save the Court time should they decide to freeze any assets.

Providing we can agree the damages as per my submission there should be no further costs in this case. Should these not be agreed as per the same Order by 4pm 26th June 2014 there will be further costs to be submitted for which your clients will be liable.

Stuart Brown


Email Sent to Emily Slater, Assistant Solicitor, Cohen Cramer Leeds and her boss Mr Michael McDonnell, Director, Cohen Cramer Leeds

Automated Response – obviously it’s important to get your holiday in …… –

“I am now on annual leave and will be returning to the office on Wednesday 18th June. I do not have access to my emails, and will respond to your email upon my return. If your email is of an urgent nature, please forward it to or alternatively contact Joanna on 0113 244 0597.

Kind regards

Emily Slater”

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