Month: June 2014

“Class Action” Civil Claim against Gateway Homes aka PropertyBuyer Franchise Program – all franchisees and ex-franchisees invited to contact me

Whitehall #Franchise ….. of course all #franchisees and ex-franchisees welcome to contact me – there is still time to participate in the #classaction

Whitehall Franchise Limited

BetterMove - Whitehall Franchise Ltd

Whitehall Franchise Limited [originally Gateway Homes Nationwide Franchise Ltd] was incorporated on 10 Nov 2009 and is located in West Yorkshire. The company’s status is listed as “Live” and it currently has one director. It was founded by Mr Malcom

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Share Google+ WordPress Posts Publicly as Opposed to Privately

By default WordPress Publicize shares your Google+ posts as “shared privately”. Here’s how to change that behaviour – Login to Google+ Hover over the “Home” menu on the left and click on “Settings” at the bottom Scroll down the page

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Joke quote of the day from Emily Slater laughable affidavit number 3 – 20140627

Emily Slater Cohen Cramer

According to Miss Emily Slater it is harassment to advertise a Public Hearing Civil Trial Date … how dare I? My own Civil Trial as a defendant …. and I can’t tell anyone about it because I had been gagged

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Irony of the day – Statmans pay Emily Slater to “write” my blog posts ….

Nick Statman Nice Suit .... am sure you wore it to trial too ...

In a bizarre twist of fortune, Nick Statman and Malcolm Statman have paid over £100,000 in legal fees (and that is as of 6-9 months ago, fees must now be £150,000 plus!) to Cohen Cramer i.e. Emily Slater, and in

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Joke quote of the day from Emily Slater laughable affidavit number 3

Emily Slater Joke Quote Of The Day

After multiple affidavits and witness statements from Miss Emily Slater of Cohen Cramer Solicitors on behalf of Mr Nick Statman and Mr Malcolm Statman, I thought I’d start to share with you what a Leeds University Law Degree [think it

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Disposal Hearing – Seems like a bunch of excuses not to pay me anytime soon….

No negotiation on damages has taken place …. surprise surprise! And now no-one  is available to attend Court until 23rd September! [sorry, they can’t all get together ….] So quick to get their own hearings organised, so slow to pay

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Hounded blogger’s midnight arrest hell

Emily Slater Nick Statman Malcom Statman

Judge scathing after house-sale firm demands jail ….. Well those are the two headlines in the Daily Mirror today on page 31 – Penman Investigates. You can catch the online version here. The said House-Sale firm being Gateway Homes, but

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“claimants had lost all sense of proportion and judgment in bringing and pursuing these proceedings”

Miss Emily Slater, I have read your Clients Witness Statement, for what it is worth. Pray how do you propose we negotiate directions when you have failed in all attempts to negotiate settlement pre-trial and fail to acknowledge any liability

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#GatewayHomes aka #Propertybuyer aka #TomCraven “They made me feel like I was worthless” BBC Inside Out

High Court Video Transcript Evidence against Gateway Homes UK Ltd and Gateway Homes Nationwide Franchise Ltd (3BM90159), Nick Statman and Malcolm Statman (3BM90158) Gateway Homes also operate as/have same directors & shareholders as Prop Buy Ltd aka , Tom

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