Lesson 4 – Get a dog / borrow a dog and take plenty of long walks to think

Jack - Legal Assistant

Jack – Legal Assistant

Meet Jack, my legal assistant of 2 years standing – an able assistant in my Civil Law disputes as a litigant-in-person / self defending. We’re not sure how old he is, but he was rescued from the streets and he is certainly street wise and very canny. He’s borrowed by the way – mums trusty companion!

He’s low maintenance but high mileage – we have completed many miles / hours in deep thought, discussion and planning along the river banks of the Coronation Channel in Spalding.

My friends laughed when I said this, but he’s been great! He’s a good listener, smart, friendly, loyal, trustworthy, a very good digger and pretty happy-go-lucky most of the time – but a damn stickler for detail.

His typing and hand writing are a struggle at times – but we get by as a team pretty well, getting the best out of each others skillsets, chewing the fat and shooting the breeze – come mud, rain, snow, wind and occasionally sunny days.

He’s got  a great temperament and character, prone to the odd sulk when he doesn’t get what he wants e.g. ignore him or take a detour but he’s honest and up-front about it.

Added bonus (!) he’s never asked for a pay rise ….

Walking, talking thinking is highly recommended to clear your brain and think things through in a calm manner in pleasant surroundings. Helps you look at things from all angles – HIGHLY recommended approach to self-litigation.

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