Lessons (1 to 14 so far) summary and links for Litigants In Person

Already losing track myself so I thought I’d do an index page of all the lessons I have learnt when dealing with Miss Emily Slater, Mr Nick Statman and Mr Malcolm Statman plus their barristers Mr Matthew Richardson and Mr Adam Richardson.

I have a mountain of lessons and tips here’s a starter for 10 (to be added to regularly over the next few weeks)

Lesson 1 – check EVERY detail!

Lesson 2 – What does “service” or “to be served” mean?

Lesson 3 – Trust your own gut instinct and try not to worry!

Lesson 4 – Get a dog / borrow a dog and take plenty of long walks to think

Lesson 5 – Don’t believe a word said or written or trust the opposing solicitor

Lesson 6 – Don’t believe a word said or written or trust the opposing barrister – they like to be “helpful” NOT!

Lesson 7 – Know thy enemy! Claimant(s), Witnesses, Solicitor and Barristers

Lesson 8 – Filing and Keeping Track – be organised! Paper-wise and electronically

Lesson 9 – Certain amount of latitude on offer from Judges for Litigants In Person

Lesson 10 – It is a disadvantage being a Litigant In Person but belief & conviction & attention to detail will get you through

Lesson 11 – Listen to the Judge’s definition of the wording and meaning of a Court Order – ignore opposing barrister and solicitor!

Lesson 12 – Don’t be afraid of the legal procees or “the law”

Lesson 13 – As a “defendant” you are on the back-foot – reacting to everything being thrown at you
Lesson 14 – have faith in yourself (albeit I am not religious)

A lot more to come ….

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