Lesson 3 – Trust your own gut instinct and try not to worry!

Being “served” with court papers is a distressing and stressful experience and after 2 years of litigation from Miss Emily Slater of Cohen Cramer Solicitors I am afraid to say it does not really get any easier or any less stressful as they will try anything and everything to win their case against you.

Lesson 3 – Trust your own gut instinct and try not to worry!

You will receive a combination of “matter of fact” correspondence via letter or email, you will receive “formal court forms and statements” and probably a fair share of “threatening” and “nasty” letters from your opponents – I will share some of these as I document my civil case experience more fully as I have received some pretty unpleasant correspondence and been accused of some outrageous things. You need to adopt some very broad shoulders and remember to follow Lesson 1 with every piece of communication. Believe me – JUST BECAUSE A SOLICITOR SAYS SOMETHING it does NOT make it true! They can come out with as much “garbage” as the next person – they just get paid to word it differently and worry you – most people do not like to receive solicitors letters, particularly those of a threatening nature!

You will know when you read something if it true or not – and yes you may have some periods of deep stress and deep doubts BUT you and you only know your gut instinct! Be true to yourself and follow your gut instinct. I am a great believer in “what will be will be” and “everything happens for a reason” – yes clichés they may be, but they are so true.

NEVER respond immediately with a knee-jerk reaction (note to self!!). Opposing solicitors will threaten you with short timescales to respond and try and force replies or actions which they have imposed and are by no means “legally binding”.  They will always tell you you are in the wrong – that’s what they get paid to do! Have some self-belief and it is the Court that implies deadlines NOT the opposing solicitor.

“About” Footnotes :
Solicitor : Miss Emily Slater, Cohen Cramer Solicitors (Libel and Slander “Disputes” Team) – Miss Slater deals with “Reputation Management” amongst other things.
Barrister(s) : Mr Matthew Richardson, Henderson Chambers and Mr Adam Richardson, Warwick House Chambers
Claimants : Gateway Homes UK Ltd, Gateway Homes Nationwide Franchise Ltd have the same owners/directors/managers as Prop Buy Ltd, Speedy Properties Ltd, Tom Craven Properties Ltd

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