Lesson 2 – What does “service” or “to be served” mean?

In English Civil Law there is what is known as “CPR” or in full the “Civil Procedure Rules”. A fundamental part is that known as “service” i.e. if someone (person/company/solicitor etc.) participates in a Civil Action against you i.e. the Claimant(s), then any documentation lodged with the court needs to be “served” on you, the defendant.

Lesson 2 – What does “service” or “to be served” mean?

The “act of service” or “you have been served” with documents ONLY when it has been “reasonably proved” that you have been PHYSICALLY given the set of documents in question – this goes for ALL court copied documents during the case.

  1. Either by “recorded delivery” or “signed for” / courier delivered & signed for
  2. Personal Service via Private Investigator


  1. Someone hand delivers an envelope through your letter box i.e. no proof of delivery / receipt
  2. You get sent an email from the Claimant(s) / Claimant(s) legal representative UNLESS you acknowledge receipt via the same method

As I have learnt there are some very strict rules on “service” and notification so make sure you are aware. They also vary on what forms are being served e.g. N244 Applications normally require 3 days notice BUT N244 Committal proceedings require 14 days notice.

You can find more detail here on wikipedia

“About” Footnotes :
Solicitor : Miss Emily Slater, Cohen Cramer Solicitors (Libel and Slander “Disputes” Team) – Miss Slater deals with “Reputation Management” amongst other things.
Barrister(s) : Mr Matthew Richardson, Henderson Chambers and Mr Adam Richardson, Warwick House Chambers
Claimants : Gateway Homes UK Ltd, Gateway Homes Nationwide Franchise Ltd have the same owners/directors/managers as Prop Buy Ltd, Speedy Properties Ltd, Tom Craven Properties Ltd

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