Month: March 2014

Meet Dolly – my legal assistant’s assistant!

In lesson 4 I introduced Jack, my legal assistant. We’ve covered many a mile over the last 2 year legal journey, so I thought I’d introduce you to Dolly, Jack’s trusted friend and confidante ….

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Spinnaker Tower Abseil 31st August 2014 Ellen Macarthur Cancer Trust

Fantastic opportunity to support the Ellen Macarthur Cancer Trust and do a great abseil! I did it a couple of years ago and had a great time! Details below – Do you know any one crazy enough to abseil down

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Is related to

Now there is a question …. if they are related (and all the signs say they are), then they have other “siblings” in the stable – Gateway Homes, Gateway Homes Nationwide Franchise Ltd, Tom Craven Property Ltd and Speedy Properties

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Ban ANPR in NHS hospital car parks Sign E-Petition Please

 I agree with this entirely having spent a fortune in hospital car parks over the last 10 years in particular. PLEASE SIGN THIS GOVERNMENT PETITION & PASS IT ON TO YOUR COLLEAGUES AND FRIENDS TO ENSURE THAT NHS HOSPITAL PATIENTS &

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Lesson 4 – Get a dog / borrow a dog and take plenty of long walks to think

Meet Jack, my legal assistant of 2 years standing – an able assistant in my Civil Law disputes as a litigant-in-person / self defending. We’re not sure how old he is, but he was rescued from the streets and he

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High Court Hearing – the best medicinal tonic I have taken in 12 months

I never thought that would ever be the case but in actual reality it has been a fantastic mental lift that has taken me out of a very dark place mentally into this fine Spring 2014 … I can look

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eon Energy Payment System Down for over 24 hours?

What’s the point in having an online payment system and a phone payment system when you can’t use it ? Yes system maintenance has to happen … but not for over 24 hours! So how do I now pay my

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Lessons (1 to 14 so far) summary and links for Litigants In Person

Already losing track myself so I thought I’d do an index page of all the lessons I have learnt when dealing with Miss Emily Slater, Mr Nick Statman and Mr Malcolm Statman plus their barristers Mr Matthew Richardson and Mr

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Lesson 3 – Trust your own gut instinct and try not to worry!

Being “served” with court papers is a distressing and stressful experience and after 2 years of litigation from Miss Emily Slater of Cohen Cramer Solicitors I am afraid to say it does not really get any easier or any less

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Lesson 2 – What does “service” or “to be served” mean?

In English Civil Law there is what is known as “CPR” or in full the “Civil Procedure Rules”. A fundamental part is that known as “service” i.e. if someone (person/company/solicitor etc.) participates in a Civil Action against you i.e. the

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