Gateway Homes aka PropertyBuyer – nearly 6 feet of legal paperwork and counting!

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Legal Paperwork Mountain

So far this ridiculously pointless 2 year long legal case initially brought against me by Gateway Homes UK Ltd and Gateway Homes Nationwide Franchise Ltd and latterly by the directors themselves Mr Malcolm Statman and Mr Nicholas (Nick) Statman has done nothing to save the trees or unclog the information superhighway. However it has obviously proved a huge cash-cow for the Cohen Cramer solicitors and multiple barristers.

On the flip side, Miss Emily Slater, a solicitor at Cohen Cramer (she of “unlawful arrest” infamy), has kept the Post Office profits healthier so every cloud does have a silver lining! She has also kept my Inbox bloated with so far 291 emails, and that doesn’t count the court emails and additional emails from her colleagues – Gemma Bowkett, Hollie Marcham, Kaye Longhorn and Michael McDonnell, or Counsel acting on their behalf – Mr Matthew Richardson of Henderson Chambers and his younger brother Mr Adam Richardson.

Right now I am reviewing all the paperwork so as a little exercise the other day I collated it all into one place – see the picture above. This does not include the “disclosures” documentation which ran to some 15,000+ pages! No wonder my eyesight is deteriorating ….

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