Trial Date – 18th December 2013 Birmingham District Registry

Finally we have a Trial Date in my civil case versus (1) Gateway Homes UK Ltd/Gateway Homes Nationwide Franchise Ltd (aka Propertybuyer/Prop Buy Ltd) and (2) Mr Malcolm Statman / Mr Nick Statman following the pre-trial hearing on 28th June 2013! We were previously given a window of 4th November to 20th December – unfortunately it’s right at the end but never mind! It’s been allocated 3 days in the Court diary …. so if you do not have anything better to do between the 18th December 2013 and 20th December 2013 then please feel free to come along and entertain yourselves in the High Court.

I guess there can be one of two outcomes ….. I win or I lose …. a good Christmas or a bad Christmas! Seeing as I had a settlement offer last week from the Claimants I’m hoping for a good one!

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