Month: June 2013

Good day in Birmingham! Impressed with HH Judge Oliver-Jones QC grasp on the Civil case I am defending!

My faith in British Justice took a turn for the better on Friday 28th June 2013 in the Queens Bench Division of Birmingham County Court. Having been involved in a Civil case against a versus (1) Gateway Homes UK Ltd/Gateway

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Magento Installation Error – PHP Extensions “0” Must Be Loaded

A common error when installing Magento on up-to-date versions of Apache and MySQL is “PHP Extensions “0” Must Be Loaded”. There is a very quick and simple fix for it. Whilst the browser is on the error page i.e.

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Is smoking in confined spaces in front of children child abuse ?

My ex-wife of 14 years or so, Mrs Sally Anne Brown (Humphrys) of Haddenham, Cambridgeshire, has continually smoked in all that time in the presence of our children. In itself I do not have a problem with her smoking – if she

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Download your SMS text messages to save/print …. #iphonesms #androidsms

Came across this dilemma recently in preparation for a forthcoming court case – needed to save and print out SMS text messages from both an Apple iPhone 3GS and Samsung Galaxy II Android …. typical – you need to buy

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