Unlock your card pin at an ATM machine

I stopped to fill up the car yesterday evening and put my card in the pump machine to save going to the kiosk. It just said “pin locked” please use alternative card. I filled up and paid in the kiosk and just casually mentioned to the pump attendant that my card had been rejected as my PIN was locked – he said “Oh, you can now unlock your pin at the ATM’s by the supermarket”.

I thought I’d check this new feature out – and sure enough you can (Nationwide card in Barclays cash machine)

  1. insert card & enter PIN
  2. select PIN functions
  3. select UNLOCK PIN
  4. enter PIN & voila! Card unlocked

Saves trying to find the phone number ….. so next time you put all the right numbers in the wrong order 3 times & lock your card just head to an ATM.

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